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World – TIME
  1. What to Know About Daphne Caruana Galizia, the Journalist Killed By a Car Bomb in Malta
    She was a thorn in the side of the Maltese government
  2. Hate Crimes Soared in Parts of the U.K. After Brexit
    Hate crime offenses in England and Wales rose to the highest point yet recorded in the year leading up to March 2017
  3. City of Raqqa Liberated From ISIS, Says Spokesman for U.S.-Backed Syrian Forces
    Raqqa fell to ISIS in 2014 and became the de facto capital of their self-styled caliphate
  4. Propaganda and Censorship Are Reaching Fever Pitch on the Eve of China’s Big Leadership Reshuffle
    Nothing is being left to chance as Xi Jinping prepares to secure a second five-year term
  5. U.S. Not Ruling Out Direct Talks with North Korea, Officials Say
    Talks between the adversaries have long been urged by China
  6. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte Declares Marawi ‘Liberated’ From ISIS Terrorists
    More than 1000 people, including over 800 militants, have died in five months of fighting
  7. North Korea Is So Desperate for Hard Currency That It’s Legalized Racetrack Gambling
    Experts call the move a way for Pyongyang to generate income as the effects of economic sanctions bite
  8. Mud and Hunger: Among the Desperate Rohingya Still Pouring into Bangladesh
    Up to 2,000 Rohingya are arriving in Bangladesh daily
  9. A Maltese Journalist Who Reported on the Panama Papers Has Been Killed by a Car Bomb
    Malta's prime minister called Daphne Caruana Galizia's killing a "barbaric attack" and an assault on freedom of expression
  10. Kurds Feel Twice Betrayed as Iraqi Forces Take Disputed Kirkuk
    “They sold Kirkuk”