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  1. Hagel Retreats from Pentagon Under Fire
    His low-profile demeanor ill-suited for ISIS fight
  2. Africa Fashion Week Showcases the Continent’s Best Talent
    The growing trend of Fashion Weeks across the African continent challenges the notion that global fashion starts in the northern hemisphere
  3. Watch Live: John Kerry Speaks on the Iran Nuclear Talks
    Secretary of State John Kerry is delivering a statement in Vienna on the status of negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program. Watch the statement live above. Read next: John Kerry: What I’m Thankful For
  4. Iran Nuclear Talks Expected to Hit Deadline Without Deal
    Deadline was Monday but indications are talks will continue
  5. Swiss Museum to Accept German Collector’s ‘Nazi Art’ Trove
    The museum will work with German officials to return pieces looted by the Nazis from Jewish owners
  6. Russian Official Says Oil Slump and Sanctions Cost $140 Billion a Year
    Moscow is no longer pretending that sanctions aren’t hurting
  7. Rio Unveils 2016 Olympic Mascots
    The official mascots represent the wide variety of Brazilian flora and fauna
  8. Charge Filed Against Mom of Newborn Left in Drain
    Police suspect the baby was squeezed through the drain’s narrow opening and dropped to the bottom
  9. British Banker Rurik Jutting Is Fit to Stand Trial for Hong Kong Murders
    However, the high-profile case will now be adjourned until July 2015 to allow for extensive DNA testing of evidence
  10. Jewish Nation-State Bill Passed by Israeli Cabinet
    The proposed legislation, sometimes referred to as the "nationality law," has set off a debate about Israel's future

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