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  1. Here’s What We Know About the Germanwings Co-Pilot Andreas Lubitz
    Investigators are scrambling to understand why he intentionally crashed Flight 9525 in the French Alps
  2. More People Are Fleeing Northern Cameroon to Escape Boko Haram
    Cross-border attacks are fueling the exodus
  3. Burma Army Commander Pledges Successful Elections
    "Any disturbance to stability of the state and prevalence of law, any armed pressure or any threats for voting won't be allowed in the general election"
  4. Airlines Adopt Two-in-the-Cockpit Rule After Germanwings Crash
    Numerous airlines hastily changed their policies Thursday to require that two crew members be in the cockpit at all times, after the co-pilot of a Germanwings flight apparently deliberately crashed a plane, killing 150 people, after having locked out the captain. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration for many years has required that at least two…
  5. This Is the Surprising Way Some Syrians Are Protecting Themselves From Snipers
    Rebel fighters upended these buses using ropes and pulleys
  6. See the Nigerian Town Freed From Boko Haram
    Bama, Nigeria, is now a ghost of a town
  7. What We Know So Far About the Germanwings Plane Crash
    'I would say that if one person kills himself and also 149 people another word should be used, not suicide'
  8. Third American Victim Identified in Germanwings Plane Crash
    Robert Oliver lived in Barcelona
  9. How the Germanwings Co-Pilot Was Able to Lock Himself In
    Safety measures brought in after 9/11 may have helped the co-pilot barricade himself in the cockpit
  10. Germanwings Faces Legal Fallout from Plane Crash
    And an expert tells TIME that new revelations could make matters worse for the airline

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