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  1. New Silk Road Could Change Global Economics Forever
    China and much of the world is intent on developing the largest economic development project in history
  2. This Swiss Company Just Totally Burned the Apple Watch
    The company says its products are timeless
  3. Why Chechens Are Fighting Chechens in Ukraine’s Civil War
    The conflict has given exiled Chechens a chance to revive an old battle against their Moscow-backed kinsmen
  4. Migrants Find a Safer Route Into Europe Via the Balkans
    The journey is safer but more expensive than the sea trip from Libya
  5. Watch This Stunning Video of Astronauts Docking at the Space Station
    It took six hours and 100,000 miles to get there
  6. See Migrants Make Their Way From Serbia to Hungary
    Thousands are avoiding the deadly sea route from Libya to Europe but the Balkan route is expensive and fraught with different dangers
  7. Eiffel Tower Closed as Workers Protest Rise in Pickpockets
    Paris authorities said petty crime was down compared to last year
  8. U.K. Bomb Maker Sentenced to Life for Killing U.S. Soldier
    He was convicted Thursday of murder and conspiracy to murder
  9. North Korean Dictator’s Brother Spotted At Eric Clapton Concert
    Kim Jong-chul is clearly a big Clapton fan
  10. A Chinese App That Steals Wifi Passwords Just Raised $50 Million
    Wifi Master Key lets users access wifi without user name or password