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World – TIME
  1. The Main Highway to Venezuela’s Capital Caracas Has Been Shut Down by Anti-Government Protesters
    "We want to be free. I'm here fighting for my children and my children's children," one protester said
  2. The World’s Climate Will Suffer if China Decides to Convert Its Coal Into Natural Gas
    The environmental trade-off points to the difficult choices confronting China's leaders
  3. People in Japan Are Being Told They Have Just 10 Minutes to Prepare for a North Korean Missile Attack
    Disaster officials are calling for a national system of drills and for legal changes to make mandatory evacuations easier as regional tensions soar
  4. United Airlines Plane Makes a ‘Terrifying’ Emergency Landing After Engine ‘Overheats’
    "We about crashed in an emergency landing before the pilot quickly pulled up"
  5. Chinese President Xi Jinping Urges Donald Trump to ‘Avoid Aggravating’ North Korea
    As the world braces for a possible North Korean nuclear test, Chinese President Xi Jinping urged restraint in a call to Donald Trump
  6. Marine Le Pen Steps Down as National Front Party Leader to Focus on Election
    'I am no longer the president of the National Front. I am the presidential candidate'
  7. The ‘Trump Effect’ Was Supposed to Transform Europe. It Hasn’t.
    If there is such a thing as a “Trump Effect” in European politics, it’s not unfolding quite the way that Europe’s liberals had feared. No stampede of dark horses from the nationalist fringe has come trampling across the European Union. No other countries have yet followed the British to the exit. Instead, the leaders of…
  8. President Trump Declines to Call Killing of Armenians a Genocide
    Such a declaration would anger Turkey
  9. U.S. Issues 271 Sanctions Over Bashar Assad’s Alleged Use of Chemical Weapons
    It's one of the largest sanction actions in U.S. history
  10. French Politicians Urge Voters to Reject Marine Le Pen: ‘It Is Not Possible to Remain Silent’
    The runoff election is on May 7