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World – TIME
  1. London Mayor’s Race Exposes Ugly Faultlines in British Politics
    Whoever wins, the Labour and Conservative parties have suffered in the election
  2. The Rape and Murder of a Schoolgirl Has Brought Indonesia’s Culture of Sexual Violence Into Focus
    Outraged women's groups are urging the government to pass the long-awaited Elimination of Sexual Violence Bill
  3. Apple Doesn’t Have Exclusive Rights to the Name ‘iPhone’ in China, Court Rules
    A Beijing leather company trademarked the name 'IPHONE' in 2007
  4. China Set to Free Last Remaining Jailed Tiananmen Square Protester, Reports Say
    Miao Deshun reportedly suffers from hepatitis B and schizophrenia
  5. Hostages Held by Philippine Militants Make Desperate Video Plea
    Abu Sayyaf already beheaded one member of the group of tourists kidnapped last September
  6. Water Scarcity Could Cut Growth by 6% in Some Economies, the World Bank Says
    It also threatens to drive migration and ignite civil conflict
  7. Celebrities Jam Havana Streets for Chanel’s Cuban Takeover
    Tilda Swinton, Vin Diesel and Gisele Bundchen join Cuban musicians for the fashion show
  8. Three Detained After Dalit Law Student Raped and Murdered in India
    Women have staged protests over the case in Kerala state, which has drawn comparisons to the deadly 2012 gang rape of a woman in New Delhi
  9. Kenyan Police Say They Have Disrupted an Alleged Plot by ISIS-Linked Medics
    "The suspects were planning large scale attacks akin to the Westgate Mall attack," Kenya's police chief said
  10. Wildfire Has Forced the Evacuation of the Entire Canadian City of Fort McMurray
    Fleeing residents have congested Highway 63, the major artery to and from the city