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  1. Canada to Halt Visas From Ebola-Affected Countries
    The restriction follows a similar move by Australia earlier this week and will not apply to Canadian nationals returning from West Africa
  2. Why the U.S. Can’t Beat an Army the Size of a Junior College
    A fight against ISIS requires strategy and willpower—and endurance that can outlast Obama's presidency
  3. What You Need to Know About the Unrest in Burkina Faso
    President Blaise Compaoré stepped down Oct. 31 after 27 year in power
  4. Fake Clowns Terrorize France
    The scary clowns are no Halloween treat for the French
  5. Think You Can Cheat on the SAT? The College Board Says Think Again
    Security measures include air gaps, fake test takers, alarm doors, photo verification and handwriting samples
  6. Fissure Opens Between Pentagon and White House Over Assad’s Fate
    Hagel told Rice a lack of clarity is complicating U.S. efforts to combat ISIS
  7. Burkina Faso Leader Steps Down, Vote in 90 Days
    (OUAGADOUGOU, Burkina Faso) — President Blaise Compaore stepped down Friday after 27 years in power following a wave of protests against his rule. He said elections for a new leader will be held in 90 days. The announcement, read out on state television, was a sharp about-face from Thursday when Compaore vowed to hold power…
  8. ISIS Revenge Killings Reportedly Target Sunni Tribe in Iraq
    “We were fighting ISIS with rifles, and it was fighting us with heavy machine guns”
  9. Aid Groups See Fallout From Quarantine Debate
    The fight over Ebola quarantines in the United States is already discouraging doctors, nurses and other health workers from signing up to go to Africa and battle the outbreak where help is needed most. Would-be volunteers are worried about losing three additional weeks of work when they return to the United States, about still-evolving isolation…
  10. More Foreign Fighters Are Going to Iraq and Syria Than Ever Before, UN Says
    More than 15,000 have come from more than 80 countries

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