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  1. Italian Prime Minister Wants to Fight Terrorism By Giving Youth 500 Euros to Spend on Culture
    "“They imagine terror, we answer with culture. They destroy statues, we love art"
  2. Leader of Paris Attacks Mingled With Police and Survivors at the Crime Scenes
    The Paris prosecuter says Abdelhamid Abaaoud movements were pieced together using location data
  3. ISIS Built Network of Tunnels Under Iraqi Town of Sinjar
    ISIS has been digging tunnels for protection and movement throughout the territory it controls in Iraq and Syria
  4. Pilot From Downed Russian Jet Rescued By Syrian Commando Unit
    He was rescued in a 12-hour operation which ended in the early hours on Wednesday
  5. 200 South Korean Professors Charged in Massive Plagiarism Scam
    Some 200 professors from up to 50 universities are implicated
  6. Russia Halts Gas Supplies to Ukraine
    State-owned supplier Gazprom says Ukraine has not paid in advance
  7. Rare 25-Carat Pink Diamond Discovered in Jewelry Once Owned by Imelda Marcos
    Top auction house says only three pink diamonds over 10 carats have been put on sale in the past 250 years
  8. Chinese Police Accused of Harassing Family of Dead Rights Activist
    Zhang Liumao died in police custody in early November
  9. Portugal Has a New Prime Minister After the Last One Survived Just 11 Days in Office
    The administration of Pedro Passos Coelho was the shortest in the country's history
  10. Bollywood Star Aamir Khan Is Under Fire for Complaining About India’s Intolerance
    Conservative Hindus are enraged by his suggestion that India has become increasingly unlivable because of religious discrimination