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  1. Kremlin Critic Gunned Down in Moscow Ahead of Anti-Putin March
    The Russian President has pledged to oversee the investigation
  2. Russian Opposition Leader Shot Dead
    Boris Nemtsov served as deputy prime minister under President Boris Yeltsin
  3. ISIS May Have Committed Genocide Against Iraq Minorities, Report Says
    "Many minority communities continue to live under the threat of mass killing in Iraq," an advocate said
  4. Families of ISIS Fighters Speak Out
    Turkish relatives TIME about their loved ones who have gone to fight in Syria
  5. Venezuela Is Slowly Coming Apart—and President Nicolas Maduro May Pay the Price
    Hyperinflation and shortages of basic goods have Venezuelans angry—and looking for new leadership
  6. OPEC’s Strategy Is Working, Claims Saudi Oil Minister
    Saudi minister had pushed through a plan to maintain oil production at 30 million barrels a day and cause a drop in the crude oil price
  7. Why Terrorism Works: Jihadi John and the Fear Premium
    It costs a lot to identify future threats
  8. Paranoia and Purges For Venezuela As Oil Misery Continues
    Rather than using its earnings to develop more fields, the state-owned PDVSA has been diverting money for political and social projects
  9. Prince Harry To Leave the Armed Forces This Year
    The prince wants to devote his time to charity work
  10. Know Right Now: ISIS Destroys Artifacts at Iraqi Museum
    The video was apparently recorded at a museum in Mosul

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