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World – TIME
  1. Here’s How Much a $100 Bet Would Pay Out if You Picked the Right Team to Win the World Cup
    For all 32 teams.
  2. Mega Mergers to the Summer Solstice: Let’s Break Down Everything You Need to Know This Week
    Welcome to the Breakdown, where each week, Neha Joy brings the chyron to the water cooler with quick dives into the essential corners of the 24-hour news cycle. Featuring conversations with writers and editors from TIME, Fortune, Money and Sports Illustrated, here is everything you need to know to stay on top of the national…
  3. George and Amal Clooney Just Donated $100,000 to Help Immigrant Children
    "We can’t change this administration’s policy, but we can help defend the victims of it.”
  4. Today I Visited My Turkish Colleague in Prison. Erdogan’s Crackdown Must Stop
    President Erdogan is still pursuing journalists and activists, even two years after an attempted coup
  5. An Italian Official Is Calling for a Census of the Roma Minority. Critics Warn It Reeks of Fascism
    Critics say the proposal is reminiscent of race-based abuses under Italy's fascist regime
  6. Israel Strikes Hamas Targets After Heavy Rocket Fire From Gaza
    It's the biggest flare-up between both sides in weeks
  7. A U.S. Citizen Detained at a Protest in Vietnam Has Apologized on State Television
    Vietnamese authorities have been known to coerce detainees to confess
  8. ‘Please Find My Son, Return Him to Me.’ Families Beg for Broader Search After Indonesia Ferry Tragedy
    At least 178 people are missing after a ferry sank in Sumatra
  9. U.S. Expects North Korea to Return Troop Remains in the Coming Days
    Pyongyang says it has the remains of some 200 U.S. service members
  10. $31 Million Stolen in South Korean Cryptocurrency Hack
    It's the latest in the series of recent hacks that raised security concerns