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World – TIME
  1. Obama Ready to Face Historic, Haunted Ground of Hiroshima
    Other American presidents have considered visiting the site of the first atomic bomb, but the politics were still too sensitive
  2. Canadian Police Shut Down Dozens of Unlicensed Marijuana Dispensaries
    Toronto police raided nearly 50 illegal pot shops in the city
  3. New Report Says Shipping Containers Are Being Used As Deadly Prisons in South Sudan
    More than 50 men died in one container incident last year
  4. Inside the Chinese Factory That’s Already Sold 500,000 Trump and Clinton Masks
    The factory is betting Trump wins the mask race
  5. 20 Bodies Spotted as Migrant Boat Sinks off Libya Coast
    The Libyan coast guard also reported finding four bodies as well as also two empty boats, suggesting there could be many more victims
  6. This Elevated Bus Could Be the Answer to Traffic Jams
    It's unlike anything on the road today
  7. Venezuela Goes from Bad to Catastrophe
    Until the country has a government that can build a sustainable economic system, its misery will only deepen
  8. Mugabe Supporters March in Zimbabwe Amid Party Division
    Mugabe slammed those fighting over who might succeed him as "treasonous"
  9. Azerbaijan Frees Prominent Investigative Journalist
    Khadija Ismayilova says the charges against her were "false and illegal"
  10. Inside the International Contest Over the Most Important Waterway In the World
    Two years ago, this disputed reef in the South China Sea was little more than a couple of rocks and a tiny weather station. Then China dug in. Now it has a running track, basketball courts--and a runway that can handle military jets.