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  1. Bush Commerce Secretary Says Obama Gave Cuba ‘a Major Political Win’
    "The U.S. has given so many concessions and not received anything in return," Carlos Gutierrez tells TIME
  2. Rand Paul Breaks with Other 2016 Candidates on Cuba
    The announcement from the White House Wednesday that the U.S. will move to re-establish full diplomatic ties with Cuba sparked a wave of condemnation from the likely Republican presidential candidates with one exception: Sen. Rand Paul. The Kentucky Republican broke with the rest of the 2016 pack today when he said that President Obama’s decision…
  3. How Venezuela’s Collapse Helped Thaw Cuban-American Relations
    The late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez helped keep the Cuban regime propped up, but that's not possible in an era of low oil prices
  4. Cuba’s Unanswered Questions
    In 2013, TIME took a look at a changing Cuba
  5. The Interview May be Funny; North Korea and Kim Jong Un Are Not
    The Sony Pictures movie has been shelved because of alleged threats by North Korea—a country that should be taken seriously
  6. Putin Shows Stick to West, Carrot to Oligarchs, and Heart to ‘Someone’
    Kremlin leader deflects criticism for crisis away from government, central bank and, most of all, himself–and on to his favorite enemy.
  7. J.K. Rowling Calls for an End to Orphanages
    “The solution is not pretty murals, or comfier beds, or teddy bears. The solution is no institutions.”
  8. Texas Theater to Show Team America After Sony Pulls The Interview
    Movie makes light of previous North Korean leader
  9. Watch This Woman Take Her First Steps in Ten Years
    With the help of a motorized exoskeleton, journalist Nikki Fox was able to stand and walk on her own
  10. Google Is Now Worth More Than the Entire Russian Stock Market
    Google joins an elite list of companies, including Exxon Mobile, Microsoft and Apple

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