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Current & Breaking News | National & World Updates
  1. Snoop Dogg Stopped by Italian Customs With $422,000 in Cash
    Half the money was taken by authorities
  2. Angelina Jolie Visits Female Factory Workers in Myanmar
    She is on a four-day visit to the Southeast Asian nation
  3. Possible Malaysia Airlines Plane Debris Arrives in France
    French authorities have imposed extraordinary secrecy over the wing piece
  4. Bin Laden Family Members Killed in Plane Crash
    A Saudi ambassador offered condolences to the wealthy bin Laden family
  5. Inside Calais’s Deadly Migrant Crisis
    The desperate conditions that are driving migrants to risk their lives to make it to the U.K.
  6. New Afghan Taliban Leader Vows to Continue Insurgency
    He replaces former leader Mullah Mohammad Omar
  7. Another Australian Surfer Fends Off Shark Attack
    The 52-year-old sustained bites to his leg and arm
  8. This Is the World’s Hottest City Today
    The mercury hit 120 degrees Fahrenheit in Baghdad, and it feels even hotter
  9. U.K. Government Grants Ai Weiwei 6-Month Visa
    The British government reportedly apologized to Ai in writing "for the inconvenience caused"
  10. These 5 Stats Explain Turkey’s War on ISIS—and the Kurds
    Turkey enters the battle against ISIS, but it's real target seems to be the Kurds