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Current & Breaking News | National & World Updates
  1. India’s Supreme Court Permits Jains, a Prominent Religious Group, to Fast to Death
    A lower court had earlier banned the religious practice
  2. Has Australia’s Plan to Resettle Asylum Seekers in Cambodia Already Ended in Failure?
    Just four people have been resettled under the plan
  3. Indian Scholar Who Spoke Out Against Idol Worship Is Shot Dead
    Hindu nationalists were angered by his criticism of idol worship
  4. Thai Police Just Gave Themselves the Reward Offered for Information on the Bangkok Bombers
    They've decided to take the money for themselves even though the key suspect is still at large
  5. Thai Police Believe the Bangkok Bombers Planned Further Attacks
    Weekend raids have led to one arrest and the seizure of bombmaking equipment
  6. Boko Haram Kills 56 Villagers in Nigeria
    "We saw corpses in the streets of the village," said farmer Mustapha Alibe
  7. China Says 197 Punished in Crackdown on Online Rumors
    The campaign is also aimed at suppressing criticism of the ruling Communist Party
  8. The European Union Has Called for Emergency Talks on the Refugee Crisis
    Talks will be attended by Interior Ministers from each of the union's 28 member states
  9. A Wave of Guest Kidnappings Spurs Macau Casinos to Take Out Abductions Insurance
    The trend is linked to harsher economic times on the Chinese mainland
  10. Dominica Declares Disaster After Storm Leaves 20 Dead
    More than 50 people were still missing