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  1. Donald Trump: Wind Energy Support Hurt Scottish Independence Movement
    The billionaire thinks Alex Salmond’s support of wind energy may have hurt his referendum efforts
  2. Experts Doubt ISIS Could Launch Major Cyberattack Against the U.S.
    Some counterterrorism experts are skeptical about ISIS's cyber capabilities
  3. Sarkozy Eyes Return to Frontline French Politics as Hollande Stumbles
    With the Socialist incumbent's popularity ratings plummeting, the former President says he is “too passionate about public debate and the future of my countrymen” to remain on the sidelines
  4. China Fines GlaxoSmithKline $485 Million for Bribery
    The pharma company admits it's at fault and will not appeal
  5. We Went to a Scottish Bar to Watch Scotland’s Vote
    What better way to watch the vote than with a glass of whisky in a rowdy Scottish bar?
  6. The World Reacts to Scotland’s Decision Not to Leave the UK
    The world had a mixed reaction to Scotland's "No" vote
  7. Pictures of the Week: Sept. 12 – Sept. 19
    From the result of the Scottish referendum and children returning to bombed out classrooms in Gaza to the Pope marrying 20 couples and NASA's next exploration spacecraft, TIME presents the best pictures of the week.
  8. Scots Begin to Reconcile After a Tough Battle
    After Scotland votes against independence, many voters are grappling with disappointment
  9. Feel Good Friday: 16 Fun Photos to Start Your Weekend
    From flying babies to flying whales, here's a handful of photos to get your weekend started right
  10. 8 Ebola Workers Killed by Panicked Mob in Guinea
    Officials and journalists on a delegation to raise awareness in a remote village were found dead

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