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World – TIME
  1. Indian Fire Kills Two Pakistani Soldiers in Kashmir, Pakistan’s Military Says
    The incident comes a day after Pakistan said India will "disintegrate" when Kashmir gains independence
  2. Rights Group Calls on Bangladesh to Stop ‘Kneecapping’ Detainees
    The advocacy group details accounts of officers "deliberately shooting" opposition party members in the knees
  3. The Philippines’ ‘Iron Lady’ Who Ran Against Duterte in May’s Election Has Died
    Tributes poured in on social media for the "Iron Lady of Asia"
  4. U.S. Says it Will End Syria Talks with Russia Unless Bombing of Aleppo Stops
    Hundreds of civilians have been killed in the past week, many of them children
  5. Philippine President Duterte Says He Will Scrap Joint Military Exercises with the U.S.
    Duterte said he is charting a foreign policy not dependent on the U.S., and has taken steps to revive ties with China
  6. A Storm Wiped Out Power to an Entire State in Australia
    "Nobody has seen such a catastrophic failure of so much major infrastructure in any other part of the nation"
  7. 32 People Are Missing in China Landslides Following Typhoon Megi
    The landslides were triggered by torrential rain brought by the typhoon, which lashed southeastern China
  8. U.N. Criticized Over Failure to Stop Hospital Attacks in Conflict Zones
    Two hospitals in Aleppo were bombed Wednesday
  9. OPEC Nations Reach Preliminary Accord to Curb Oil Production to Boost Prices
    For the first time in eight years
  10. Shimon Peres Was Good for Israel, but Never for the Palestinians
    'He was not a man of peace'