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World – TIME
  1. ISIS Assault on Kirkuk Kills at Least 80: Iraqi Official
    Another 170 people were wounded in the assault
  2. Defense Secretary Ash Carter Arrives in Iraq to See Commanders and Assess Mosul Fight
    The visit comes two days after a U.S. service member was killed outside Mosul
  3. Qurans and Solar Cells—Inside the ISIS Tunnels Around Mosul
    The jihadists have dug an extensive network of fortifications
  4. The ‘Left Behind’ Refugees of the Jungle in Calais
    The camp is coming under increasing pressure
  5. Death Toll in Cameroon Train Crash as High as 73, Rescuers Say
    At least another 600 were injured
  6. Why a British Bill That Would Pardon Men Convicted of Overturned Gay Sex Law Was Filibustered
    The government supports posthumous pardons
  7. The Mandate for Change—a Q&A with Argentina’s President Mauricio Macri
    TIME foreign affairs columnist Ian Bremmer had a chance to speak recently with Argentina’s reformist President Mauricio Macri. His piece is in this week’s edition of TIME—what follows is a transcript of their conversation in full:   Argentina is undergoing a transition and a process of economic and political change. Some of these changes have…
  8. Mars Probe Crash-Landed and Likely Exploded, European Space Agency Says
    Pictures show a black spot where Schiaparelli was supposed to land
  9. Libya’s Migrant Economy Is a Modern Day Slave Market
    A hellish place of human trafficking
  10. Red on Red: A Divided Labour Is Struggling to Survive